Zulep  - Leslie Irwin Photography

Zulep - Leslie Irwin Photography

Zulep  - Leslie Irwin Photography

Zulep - Leslie Irwin Photography

Holden - LA Loyolan Photography

Holden - LA Loyolan Photography

Dear _______ - Front Page, LA Loyolan Photography

Dear _______ - Front Page, LA Loyolan Photography




presented: March 15, 2013 - Burns Fine Arts Complex

choreographic mentor: Holly Johnston

music: Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross - Kodomo - Zoe Keating

lighting designer: Thomas Wickboldt

costume designer: Marie Kamrath

dancers: Kylie Brunngraber - McKenzie Cochran - Brian Esperon - Stacey Johnson - Cat Kamrath - Sydney Kramer - Devon Magee - Libby Wolf

Zulep explores the relationship between artistic voice and personal identity as both an individual and a collective. Seven works are presented in this evening of self-produced concert dance. These works can live on their own or as part of the collective whole. Through collaboration and improvisation, the dancers take a journey to harnessing their own artistic voice as a reflection of their self-identity. 



presented: May 2012 - Shawl-Anderson Off-Site! 

June 2012 - Israel in the Gardens - Yerba Buena Gardens

choreographers/dancers: Cat Kamrath - Troy Macklin

music: David Karagianis

Continuum was created in collaboration with Troy Macklin as an exploration and conversation of two movement styles. The work discovers polarities in timing, distance, relationship, and energy.





presented: April 2012 - Wavefront Dance Concert - Strub Theatre

choreographic advisors: Holly Johnston - Paige Porter

music: Ludovico Einaudi, with edits by David Karagianis

lighting designer: John A. Garofolo

costume designer: Marie Kamrath

dancers: Morgan Clemenson - Kendra Collins - Allison Croley - Elise Culliton - Grace Goodwin - Devon Magee - Libby Wolf

featured in LA Loyolan: Wavefront dance concert culminates year of work 

Inspired by the writings of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the RyeHolden explores movement based on catching, falling, and isolation. In collaboration with the dancers, seven characters emerge; each portraying a different side of this 'catcher' and more so, a human representation of Salinger's Holden Caulfield. Within the large field of rye, an exploration begins between being safe and testing the boundaries of an imaginary cliff. Through trial and error, comfort and isolation, the seven characters travel between human gestures and abstract contemporary movement. An inquiry of self-reliance and co-dependence occurs through improvisation and individual decision-making. The honesty and presence of the dancers in Holden becomes more than just choreography, but a pure human interpretation of Holden Caulfield's unique characterization.


Dear ______

presented: April 2011 - Converge Dance Concert - Strub Theatre

choreographic mentor: Patrick Damon Rago

music: Ludovico Einaudi, with edits by David Karagianis

lighting designer: Jakob Berger

costume designer: Cat Kamrath

dancers: Sydney Clemenson - April Gardner - Lennon Hobson - Cat Kamrath - Jordynn Otto

featured in LA Loyolan: Concert presents diverse collection of student-choreographed dances



Puzzle Pieces

presented: February 2012 - Impulse Dance Concert - St. Robert's Auditorium

music: Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross

lighting designer: John A. Garofolo

costume designer: Cat Kamrath

dancer: Cat Kamrath

In the midst of a chronic illness diagnosis, Puzzle Pieces explores the many facets of the human body and the human spirit through movement. 









Remember, Forget

presented: Summer 2011 - Scratch 4 Bloomin' annual concert - CounterPulse SF

choreographer/dancer: Cat Kamrath

music: Yoav


Come Fully Alive

presented: Summer 2010 - Scratch 4 Bloomin' annual concert - CounterPulse SF

choreographer/dancer: Cat Kamrath

music: Vitamin String Quartet