I am inspired by the way we live, the way we move, the way we feel, the way we interact as dancers, humans, and a society at large. I create through a lens of motion, emotion, and change. I believe my work can only be as strong as the dancers who join me on the creative journey. The process of collaboration brings to light new ideas, new pathways, and new solutions that add more color to any work. I create work from a touch of inspiration in the form of context, content, or movement impulse. I choose not to dictate what my audience chooses to see of, chooses to feel about, or chooses to make meaning from my work. I want my audience to take their own personal histories and see my work through their lens. It is through every unique pair of eyes that my work takes hold of meaning, inspired by humanity.


My work is about relationships. The relationship between bodies experiencing distance, intimacy, inhabiting the same space, living in different worlds, and the passing of energy from one body to the next. It is within these changing relationships that the opportunity for understanding and personal relation emerges. I question and research the many facets of an intimate relationship and the definition of intimacy.  Does intimacy only mean physical closeness, or can it also be emotionally experienced at a distance?


Emotional polarities inspire me: the trust and the heartache, the love and the loss, the free and the paralyzing. Working in collaboration with dancers allows for a creation of personal autonomy within the work, finding a way to live in their own unique bodies while also experiencing mine. My work often begins with inspiration from a relatable emotion. The embodiment of how an individual experiences, reacts, and relates emotions requires trust, risk, and a developing sense of self. I examine how meaning and emotion can be embedded within movement.


As a young female artist, I feel it is important to bring my every day way of being into my creative process and its final work. I strive to add texture to archetypal females and to embrace the many definitions of what it means to be feminine. I believe delicacy can be incredibly powerful and raw athleticism can invoke emotional responses.