Caulfield  - photography: Ching-I Chang Bigelow

Caulfield - photography: Ching-I Chang Bigelow

Caulfield -  photography: Ching-I Chang Bigelow

Caulfield - photography: Ching-I Chang Bigelow




When in Salem

presented: May 2016 - Park City High School Dance Company

music: Florence + the Machine

Inspired by the Salem Witch Trials.

Park City High School Dance Company Guest Artist Spring 2016



presented: November 2014 - Marriott Center for Dance Experimental Theatre

music: Julia Kent

lighting designer: Eliza Tappan

costume designer: Marie Kamrath

dancers: Claire Guthrie - Megan O'Brien - Kellie Williams

choreographic advisor: Satu Hummasti

A remix of the previously presented Holden, Caulfield acts as a prequel of events. This trio, created by the weaving of three solos, represents the road to and catalyst for change, chosen isolation, and the effect of imbalance.



presented: December 2013 - Multimedia Performance Lab

choreographed/performed: Cat Kamrath - Allison Shir

video projection: Cat Kamrath

music score: Allison Shir

set design: Cat Kamrath - Allison Shir

CounterSpace was created as an installation project integrating movement, video projection, original sound score, and set design. All elements were explored based on the simple concept of accumulation and the questions of: how does layering of simple motifs create a specific environment? how do rhythm, timing, and dynamics accumulate to create complex geometrical patterns in space? how do these geometrical patterns guide the development of movement to create architectural landscape as defined by the physical installation? Using a collection of physical shapes, a dance phrase developed by varying the numerical patterns. We explored the effect of repetition on the performance body and what characters or emotions are derived. 


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